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Flash crowds as performance art

An outfit in New York are organising spontaneous flash crowds by email and mobile phone, as a performance art event of sorts. This works by large numbers of participants meeting around a preordained location at a specified time, hanging around for 10 minutes and then disappearing, whilst bystanders try to figure out what happened. Except that last time, one do-gooder dobbed them in to the police, who decided to intervene (you never know, this sort of thing could be cover for a terrorist atrocity or a jewel heist or something). (via bOING bOING)

There are 3 comments on "Flash crowds as performance art":

Posted by: lisa http:// Thu Jun 19 04:39:24 2003

and then there were santas...

see also: santarchy

Posted by: lisa http:// Thu Jun 19 04:44:25 2003

oh and when one writes or says "flash crowds", perhaps it might behoove the authors to be more specific with the appropriate definition of "flash".

i was expecting mass nudity... :/

Posted by: Graham http:// Thu Jun 19 07:43:51 2003

Oh yeah, the Cacophony Society. Must get cracking on Flat-Earth links list...

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