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Dedigitation digest

Thieves cut off a Sydney man's fingers to steal his rings on a CityRail train. Or so he says; mind you, he was unconscious at the time, and only woke up later to find his fingers, rings, wallet and mobile phone missing. He puts this down to the thieves somehow having drugged him beforehand. The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, an Austrian man was sniffing gas when he was seized by the munchies and faced with the dilemma of having nothing to eat; so he came up with an ingenious solution: he cut off his toes, fried them and made a toe sandwich. When the ambulance men arrived, he offered them a toe sandwich. Perhaps next time it'll be a knuckle sandwich? (via NWD)

A police spokesman added: He told the ambulance men that he had more toes than he needed and didnt think he would notice if he got rid of a few.

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