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Ludus Lumini

Morrissey-solo has an item on the upcoming Morrissey album. Apparently it will be called Ludus Lumini, and not Irish Blood, English Heart as was reported some time ago, and will be out in October. Let's hope Sanctuary are clueful enough to put it out as a Red Book CD and not some terribly clever trick format which doesn't play in computers (like the Under The Influence CD was in). And further down on the site is info on where to find MPEGs of the recent documentary too.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Jun 24 01:58:43 2003

Hmm, well the recent King Crimson disc that Sanctuary put out certainly wasn't toypadlocked. And I'm presuming Shock will be distributing it... Of course, things might get entirely shitful in this regard by the time October rolls around.