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Plus ça change

Some kind soul has scanned and put online the first edition of the Melway street directory, from 1966. It's interesting to see how Melbourne in the mid-1960s differed from the Melbourne of today (the City Loop didn't exist, but there was a railway line going from North Fitzroy to Royal Park; Monash University was mostly an empty space, and the complex of factories and squalid student houses to the north of it didn't exist; however, right to the east of it was one of Melbourne's many drive-in cinemas).

There are 3 comments on "Plus ça change":

Posted by: CNWB Wed Jul 2 23:25:28 2003

I have been scouring the op-shops for that for years. That kind soul deserves a medal.

Posted by: Graham Thu Jul 3 02:18:48 2003

Actually, it seems like it's been put up by the Melway people themselves. Which is great, means that it won't get C&D'ed off the face of the web.

Posted by: Benjamin Gardiner Thu Jul 3 05:45:17 2003

Cool. Funny that Melway put it up themselves, heh, I am wondering what my area of Brunswick looks like from those days.