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XML for gig guides

I was wondering: is there a XML/RSS schema/namespace/&c for publishing lists of upcoming events (i.e., gigs, performances, film screenings and the like)? I think there should be something like that; that way, artists and/or venues could publish lists of upcoming events on their sites in the format, and others could use aggregators to automatically gather their favourite artists' gigs and what's on at their local haunts into customised gig guides.

I'd write one up myself, only my XML-fu is probably not yet up to it.

There are 3 comments on "XML for gig guides":

Posted by: Burgatron Sat Jul 5 04:54:23 2003

if u find one... please tell me.

Posted by: Graham Sat Jul 5 13:37:54 2003

Hmm, I'll have to drag out my XML book and see if I can figure one out.

Posted by: acb Sat Jul 5 15:41:18 2003

I've started plotting such a format out. At this stage, it'll look vaguely like RSS 1.0 (or perhaps 2.0); though whether it'll be compatible with RSS aggregators is another matter.

Disclaimer: I am not an XML language lawyer.

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