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Menopolis/Chick City

As a public service to the lovelorn, a demographer has found the areas of inner Melbourne with the most single men and women. Southbank has the highest concentration of single men (and most of them drive Porsches), whereas Princes Hill has the highest concentration of single women (and most of them cut their hair short).

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Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Jul 9 11:45:45 2003

Dude, let's go hang out at the Gelato Bar in Lygon St, East Brunswick, some time ..! Woo

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 9 13:35:35 2003

The inner north of Melbourne is awash in cute short-haired brunettes.

Posted by: gjw Thu Jul 10 05:11:06 2003

On this morning's "Today" show, they had an analysis for all cities. In Adelaide, most single women were in Unley (home to a lot of student housing), while more interestingly most single men were in Whitmore Square - where there are half a dozen homeless shelters. It may be an artefact of cultural features like that - a bit like how my suburb has Adelaides oldest population - because of the three nursing homes built there.