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Russian Mafia cat assassins

The Russian police's only sniffer cat has been run over and killed by a car, in what is believed to be a contract killing. Rusik the cat was used to detect smuggled sturgeon (an endangered species of fish prized as a source of caviar) in the Stavropol region bordering the Caspian Sea. The offending vehicle is one in which the cat found a stash of illegal sturgeon some years earlier.

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Posted by: Jarnvarg Thu May 20 13:22:00 2010

Animals works with men from early times, they're loyal and do their work just right because they can, Rusik was an special cat with a huge talent to discover hidden sturgeon fish, his early death was a sad new but was not in vain becasue there is a precedent to future works with these skilfull animals, i give a tribute to this heroic cat who fell on the line of duty.