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That thing about shooting paint pellets at naked women

The latest in extreme sports out of Las Vegas: hunting naked women with paintball guns:
Men pay anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 for the chance to come to the middle of the desert to shoot what they call "Bambi's" with a paint ball gun. Burdick says men have come from as far away as Germany. The men get a video tape of their hunt to take home and show their friends. Burdick says safety is a concern, but the women are not allowed to wear protective gear -- only tennis shoes. Today while the Eyewitness News cameras were rolling, one woman chose to wear bikini bottoms but normally all they wear is their birthday suits.
The paint balls that come out of the guns travel at about 200 miles per hour. Getting hit with one stings even with clothes on, and when they hit bare flesh, they are powerful enough to draw blood. Evanthes shot one of the women and says, "I got the one with the biggest rack."


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Posted by: gjw Mon Jul 14 04:44:08 2003

I'm concerned for their safety if they're not wearing face masks - i've been hit in the face when wearing a mask and even that was harsh. Without goggles you would be blinded.

Apart from that, it reminds me of a Monty Python sketch. Actually, more likely Benny Hill.

Posted by: Ben Mon Jul 14 05:43:24 2003

Now that is some fucked up shit right there.

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Jul 14 14:25:09 2003

I wonder what kind of cut the girls get. Prostitution by any other name. I wonder what's worse, getting 'nailed' by a paintballer, or ...

Posted by: lisa http:// Mon Jul 14 19:41:04 2003

damn. i can hardly imagine the bruising. that's wretched. i wonder if they have point-blank-surrender rules...

i guess i understand that you want to motivate the woman to run ($2500), but what about the compensation for injury ($1000)??

fucked up shit is right.

Posted by: lisa http:// Mon Jul 14 19:47:17 2003


even more fucked up. go to their official page:

that's SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP. the article doesn't seem to convey the serious misogynistic violence that the site is trying to promote.

Posted by: gjw Tue Jul 15 02:31:58 2003

Increasingly, people are starting to think it's a hoax: invented to drum up customers for a porn site.

Posted by: Graham Tue Jul 15 13:48:01 2003

I hear the saxophone theme from Benny Hill dueling with a banjo.

Posted by: angel http:// Tue Jul 15 18:30:16 2003

how sick men can get and how stupid some women are?!

Posted by: BLUE http:// Tue Jul 15 18:48:26 2003


Posted by: RhinoSteve http:// Tue Jul 15 19:50:11 2003

I'm sure some women's group is going to try to ban this but it will be very hard under Federal Law. Also you are dealing with Nevada, the local State government encourages risque oddities like this. Further if it is in a county where prostitution is legal (and I think so due to the "mounting" of your catch), you have even more opposition. Is this screwed up? I'd say so but then this is nothing compaired to the fetish clubs in San Francisco and that is in liberal California. My guess is that most of the clients are recently divorced men picking women that look like their recent ex.

Posted by: Evilone http:// Wed Jul 16 02:26:18 2003

The more attention he gets by womens rights orgs, the happier he is gonna be. PR in any form is good.

Posted by: Mick http:// Wed Jul 16 02:54:24 2003

Is freedom of choice then completely dead in this country?

The women participate for renumeration.

The men have their reasons; sexual fantasy, the "thrill of the hunt", whatever.

Freedom of choice people. Our country was founded on this premise.

Posted by: LisaB. http:// Wed Jul 16 04:00:11 2003

Lots of people (woman) may hate me for my opinion, but so be it. I'm a woman and I don't think this is sexist, I'm not offended at all, nor do I feel that it's a commentary on how one gender feels about the other or itself. I think it's a bunch of humans doing what they do best, acting incredibly stupid. Think about it... Some guy creates an "extreme sport" because he knows he can milk tons of cash out of a bunch of idiots. He justifies it by saying it's for guys that are "quiet" or wimps" and "their wives won't let then go out with their friends". Well it must take a special kind of stupid to buy that load of crap. As for the women, are they ho's? I seriously doubt it. Some people have no self respect and they'll do anything for cash. Then again, maybe they just like getting naked and catching some rays.

Posted by: Dirty John http:// Wed Jul 16 04:36:48 2003

nice!....about time we found a sport that men and women can play toether

Posted by: Al http:// Wed Jul 16 08:38:06 2003

Although, you may not like it. You must think about whether everything that is condemmed should be made illegal. Remember, there is a line of people in this country that think it is their pupose in life to legislate and protect us from ourselves. If you outlaw this, then you could outlaw many other things, even paintball itself. 1. The women accept payment. 2. The women should wear goggles. 3. Does the activity take place on private land?

The real losers are the paintballers out there who think they are in the Delta Force because they dress up, play war and complain about the mark that is on their skin from being hit through 3 layers of clothing. Now there are women out there taking shots in their birthday suits and getting paid for it.

What's next: A reality tv show, look for "Bikini War" on TNT next fall.

Naked paintball wars will also be the newest addition to the nudest camps to drum up business.

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 16 09:09:11 2003

Four words: Occupational Health and Safety.

Posted by: Ambrizhot Wed Jul 16 14:16:14 2003

Those of you who this think is "sick" or "fucked up", get over it!

Being a woman, I think it would be GREAT fun! There is nothing quite like running naked outdoors and the thought of being hunted sounds like a blast!

Just another form of entertainment for those that wish to participate. Those that don't want to, leave us alone!

I happen to make a living being an internet model. I am sure that many of you would say "EW! Close her down!" Pretty woman making a living being pretty is EMPOWERING! I kicked out an abusive husband and support my family comfortably when the kids are at school or sleeping. Enabling me to participate in school activities and be an active mom with my kids. How many of these women are buying school clothes or food for their kids? Pays better than an office job!!

Last thought... I just saw on FOX what the monitary breakdown is; 5k to hunt two women. The women each get 1k for participating, and if they make it out of the game paint free, they score 2,500. If the

Posted by: dj http:// Thu Jul 17 01:19:10 2003

Looks like you've got a whole bunch of shills on here. BTW it's not 'our' country, it's yours. Or haven't you worked out that people other than those who live in the USA can actually access the 'net.

Posted by: Graham Thu Jul 17 01:56:27 2003

Heh. "Are you guys really from Australia?"

Posted by: Paulo http:// Thu Jul 17 13:00:44 2003

Sick sad world! If women have to go through this to be able to live comfortably with their children, there's something wrong. (in response to "busty" Ambrizhot)

Posted by: cj http:// Thu Jul 17 16:47:05 2003

That seriously, seriously is fucked up...safetys a concern my ass :\

Any person who goes here seriously has some issues, and should go to a clinic, now.

Posted by: dp http:// Thu Jul 17 21:15:55 2003

If the women were forced to do this it would be fucked up! But, since they chose to participate I don't see anything wrong. THe UNITED STATES is based on freedom. If you don't like what's going on don't be a part of it. It's wrong to push your ethics on others.

Posted by: acb Fri Jul 18 00:42:28 2003

More to the point, the U.S. has this marvellous thing called the working poor; people whose economic position doesn't give them the luxury to be choosy about what they do.

If this thing isn't a hoax (which it could well be; Joey Skaggs showed that the media will swallow anything that pushes enough buttons), then the women who consent to being fired at without being allowed to wear eye protection must be doing so out of economic desperation. Sure, they have freedom of choice; they could starve or give their kids up for adoption or whatever if they objected enough.

Posted by: Graham Fri Jul 18 02:13:57 2003

Friends, this is why civilised countries have this crazy thing called welfare.

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