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Deserted farms in Iceland

Icelandic photographer Nökkvi Eliasson has a lot of artistic black & white photographs online, including some hauntingly stark images of deserted farms in Iceland. (Unfortunately, they're at a rather low resolution; too low to be used for wallpaper on anything newer than, say, a 128K Macintosh Plus.)

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Posted by: CNWB Mon Jul 21 00:09:42 2003

Just the thing to get me in the mood for the upcoming Mum tour.

Posted by: gjw Mon Jul 21 01:46:05 2003

I've yet to see a photographer with a site online displaying photographs in anything greater than 640x480. It's completely frustrating, given the opportunity for modern high-resolution monitors to bring out the detail. I guess they're just trying to protect their artwork...or something...