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How to make trouble and influence people

In San Francisco, culture-jammers have closed down at least eight Starbucks shops, or at least made it look that way. The unnamed freedom fighters/economic terrorists poured glue over the shops' windows and stuck up "FOR LEASE" signs, as well as faked press releases on Starbucks letterheads announcing that the company has had a crisis of conscience and decided to go out of business:
"The global economy requires a relentless substitution of quantity over quality and shareholder value over human values," it read. "At our current market level, Starbucks cannot in good conscience guarantee all of our beans meet both our rigorous quality standards as well as our commitment to social responsibility. We are moving over and making room for local coffee bars."

Police are in hot pursuit, and the good citizens of McWorld can rest assured that the perpetrators of his heinous crime will be brought to justice. (via jwz)

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Posted by: guy http:// Thu Aug 7 15:47:38 2003

Yes. By making the day of the minimum wage earners who work there both a tad more scary, and a little harder (due to clean up efforts), these activists have truly struck a great blow against this corporate behemoth.

Posted by: dj http:// Fri Aug 8 00:25:34 2003

I'm sure your heart bleeds for them.

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