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Tourism advertisement (rejected)

A Russian national has praised the conditions in Guantanamo, where he is being held. Ayrat Varikhtov, a Chechen is on record as saying that the US military prison compares favourably to Russian health resorts. "Nobody is being beaten or humiliated," he added.

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Posted by: Alex Sat Aug 9 15:56:15 2003

Yeah, right. And the American kids that come back from the Mexican and Caribbean 're-education' gulags are saying "If my parents didn't send me here, I'd be dead by now!" "Why would you be dead now?" *glassy stare* *pause* "If my parents didn't send me here ..."

I reckon Uncle Sam might have told this individual something along the lines of "... If you don't want us to pay your Chechen brothers a visit once we finish up in Iraq ..."

Posted by: acb Sat Aug 9 17:56:17 2003

Or maybe Russian health resorts are just particularly brutal. (Wouldn't surprise me; the standard Russian treatment for heroin addiction is to chain the addict to a bed for two weeks and beat them when they complain. Apparently it has a very low recidivism rate.)

Posted by: Graham Sun Aug 10 15:21:37 2003

Hmm. Someone should suggest that rehabilitation method to John Howard.

Posted by: mark Mon Aug 11 02:09:25 2003

Don't. He's already orgasmic thanks to the war...

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