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Bidston Moss @ the Tote

Tonight's Bidston Moss gig was fun. They played a set of almost 1 hour, and played some new songs and some old ones, with the one who isn't Beth whose name escapes me climbing the foldback and rocking out. And they put in (a very gentle version of) the first verse from the Pixies' Debaser in one of their songs (along with the New Order reference in Armadillo), which was cool. And the free bag of lollies at the door was a nice touch.

I only saw them and Mrs. Pinkwhistle, who seemed to have had too much to drink. They horsed around on stage, cracked dick jokes which didn't even make sense, and at one stage couldn't decide which key a song was in. Maybe they're usually better, but I wasn't impressed.

(Funny how some people can drunkenly clown around on stage and pull it off but others can't. Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer and 555 Recordings fame) can (like that gig last year, when he ended up spontaneously helping the drummer out on the kit), but Mrs. Pinkwhistle fell flat. Maybe lay off the free drinks next time, lads.)

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Posted by: tim http:// Wed Nov 26 04:33:39 2003

That really hurts.

Posted by: Joe Thu Nov 27 13:26:28 2003

Where was this gig?

Posted by: Ben Fri Nov 28 15:34:15 2003

Where do you think, idiot!

Posted by: acb Fri Nov 28 18:01:44 2003

I see. Have you been in the habit of talking to yourself for long, Ben?

Posted by: The REAL Ben Sat Nov 29 00:03:16 2003

It's all lies I tell you, lies!

We're only good friends!