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Talking loud and saying nothing

I just deleted about 3 comments from a 5-comment-long screed someone posted to the comments in this blog, about their views on what was "cool" and how their musical preferences had evolved to their present state of eclectic enlightenment. (Give yourself a pat on the back; you've made it. It's just too fucking bad you had to post your accomplishments to my blog comments from where I deleted them.)

A word of advice: there is a reason why the maximum length of comments in this blog is limited. Comments are intended for short, to-the-point comments on the blog item at hand, not lengthy exercises in therapeutic writing or off-topic rants about corporate mind control, the sound ethical basis of your porn-viewing habits or what was on TV the other night (and you know who you are). If you wish to rabbit on about such things, by all means, knock yourself out. Just don't do so in my blog comments.

If you wish to start a blog of your own, here are some places you can do it: Blogspot; Typepad; LiveJournal. Or if you have a web server with CGI capabilities, you can download Movable Type.

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Posted by: thor Mon Aug 18 12:44:32 2003

Point taken.