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Lock-in through lock-out

Microsoft to lock third-party clients out of MSN Messenger, to protect market share prevent freeloaders from not viewing ads crush the opposition upgrade security and protect you from viruses/terrorists. (After all, everybody knows that software not from Microsoft is a security risk, right?) This will happen from the 15th of October. Unless Gaim manage to not get kicked off (and if this is about protecting MS's ad revenue, that's unlikely), chances are I won't be using MSN after that.

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Posted by: jb Thu Aug 21 07:39:05 2003

the rumours may be exaggerated: see

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 21 08:39:13 2003

The above link doesn't want to load here.

Anyway, if connecting to MSN requires a client licence key of some sort, I doubt they'd give one to an open-source piece of software, as anyone could then modify the software to violate Microsoft's security in whatever way they hypothetically changed the protocol to stop. So if MS give Gaim a license, it will be for signed binaries of some sort.

Of course, it may be reverse-engineered just like the DVD encryption keys were. Though using that would be strictly illegal.