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Something else to sue the Catholic Church for

A claim has emerged from Ireland (where else?) that incense, of the sort used in Catholic churches, can cause cancer, with altar boys and girls being at particular risk from carcinogens in the smoke. Ireland, once the most fiercely Catholic state in Europe, is currently banning the smoking of tobacco in most public places.

There are 4 comments on "Something else to sue the Catholic Church for":

Posted by: mark Sat Aug 23 10:19:27 2003

Sounds pretty dubious, but then, anything to get rid of incense...

Posted by: sam Sat Aug 23 23:18:09 2003

that's stupid. they might as well stop anyone from creating fire and smoke anywhere in the world then because ALL smoke is carcinogenic.

Posted by: acb Sun Aug 24 16:43:52 2003

Then again, the fact that altarboys carry those censers which waft large quantities of smoke upwards, where they inhale a lot of it, should ring some alarm bells.

Posted by: Graham Mon Aug 25 15:04:15 2003

I would think that'd be the least of the altarboys' worries.