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Rock over London, rock on Chicago

Rock and roll artist Wesley Willis dead at 40; deprived of his everlasting life by an unknown cause, possibly related to chronic leukemia. Which is all rather sad; he'll be fondly remembered.

Perhaps we should see a coalition of artists of all stripes (from punk rockers to laptop glitchmeisters to post-post-ironic hipsters of various sorts) to get together and do a Wesley Willis tribute album to raise funds for some suitable charity (leukemia research, or possibly some mental-health charity)?

There are 3 comments on "Rock over London, rock on Chicago":

Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Aug 23 20:21:05 2003

A new star rises? Here is Iran's answer to Dan Ashwander:

Posted by: Ben Mon Aug 25 05:19:40 2003

FUck, this is the worst news I've read all year.

Posted by: Julio Tue Oct 7 03:03:35 2003

Glad to see you back!!

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