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A bounteous harvest of gobbledegook

The LJ Times, a generative art hack which populates a newspaper-style page with random LiveJournal entries and Associated Press photographs. Quite amusing.

(Hmmm... the LiveJournal XML feeds offer a veritable cornucopia, or perhaps an Augean stable, of postings, most of them all but meaningless to people who don't know the poster, and thus functionally indistinguishable from computer-generated text or cut-up art. (The blogosphere at large can be said to have similar properties, though not all of it is in one convenient location.) I'm surprised more artists haven't harnessed these founts of commentary to power generative-art installations.)

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Posted by: lisa http:// Mon Aug 25 19:54:29 2003

oh man, the one right now is hilarious.

world news: i went shopping today fashion: fuck you, dad you deserve to be shot opinion: you are like a butt. that very special first love.