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Thieves steal computers from Sydney Airport intelligence centre. The men, who were described as being "of Middle Eastern appearance", masqueraded as technicians before wheeling servers holding "thousands of sensitive files" out of the top-security machine room, in what appears to have been a carefully planned operation. Terrorists, or just ordinary crims?

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Posted by: dj http:// Fri Sep 5 02:53:13 2003

They obviously needed Super Duper Mega Ultra Top Security since ordinary Top Security wasn't enough.

Posted by: Ben Fri Sep 5 04:21:38 2003

There's a few possibilities you've missed: Crims, masquerading as terrorists? Or terrorists, masquerading as crims? Or crims, masquerading as terrorists masquerading as crims? Or, even, terrorists masquerading as crims masquerading as terrorists.

Posted by: mark Fri Sep 5 05:51:30 2003

I think it's a bit more complicated than that, Ben...


Posted by: Ben Fri Sep 5 14:49:55 2003

Maybe they were really repairmen after all and none of the computers are missing?

It does seem a bit far-fetched...

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Sep 5 23:19:11 2003

Sheraton Hotel, 1983, redux?

Posted by: Ben Sat Sep 6 02:15:56 2003

No, if it was ASIS they probably would have fucked it up and gotten their pictures on the morning news. I think the obvious culprits are MI6, the Shin Bet or possibly Kopassus. Or possibly the dodgy Pakistani computer shop over the road from me, I'll have to ask if they have cheap government surplus mainframes. It could have even been the same guys who stole about 100 laptops full of super-confidential information from the Office of Public Persecutions earlier this year in Melbourne (when they forgot to change their automatic de-locking system over Easter).