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Candle in the wind

The Free Pauline Hanson campaign rolls on with vigils outside her prison, and her son releasing a song proclaiming her innocence. It makes one wonder what's next: a commemorative plate edition perhaps?

There are 4 comments on "Candle in the wind":

Posted by: mark Sat Sep 6 16:45:37 2003

Bumper stickers and fridge magnets. Trust me on this one.

Posted by: dj http:// Sun Sep 7 13:07:08 2003

What a great song it is too! /sarcasm

Posted by: acb Sun Sep 7 13:45:49 2003

someone should mash it up with Pauline Pantsdown's Back Door Man.

Posted by: dj Mon Sep 8 02:29:02 2003

great idea! unfortunately i cannot carry it out.