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Always wanted one of those heavy, clicky IBM PC keyboards (as opposed to the mushy $5 wonders you can pick up anywhere these days)? These people make new keyboards to that spec. They're expensive, though they'll probably last for ages. They don't make those newfangled USB keyboards though. (I wouldn't mind one myself, to replace my 101-key Honeywell Litetouch, about a dozen of whose key caps have been worn to unreadability.) (via a comment in jwz's gerbil post about that all-X keyboard on Ebay)

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Posted by: cos Wed Sep 10 23:15:27 2003

the classic one for me was our original IBM PC keyboard. You know, 85 keys or whatever it was. no F11 or F12, etc. you could've killed a small animal with it, it was pretty weighty. I've never used anything like it, since. Even that "Classic 101" model you link to seems a bit too plasticky compared to this one...

Posted by: Graham Thu Sep 11 01:28:55 2003

Hmm, I've got one of those, which I wisely picked up at a jumble sale for $5. I'm not currently using it - I can live without the largely pointless "Windows" keys, but not the volume wheel on my current keyboard - though I'll probably attach it to something else.

Posted by: mark Thu Sep 11 15:31:58 2003

I've got a similar one, which I just happened to keep over the past ten years (why are you looking at me like that?). However, I <em>like</em> having the Windows key here, because -- although it's the only use I have for it -- I really like being able to hit "Windows + M" to minimise all. Oh, dragging that cursor all the way down to the quick launch bar for the "minimise all" button is <em>such</em> a chore, isn't it?

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