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The new Ninetynine mini-CD is out, and it's called Receiving the Sounds of Science Fiction (how's that for a cool title?). So how do you get it? Well, you can't buy it, but you can get it by joining the Dark Beloved Cloud singles club. No, it's not a dating service. To join, you send your details and six hand-decorated 3"x3" cards (which will become the artwork for other people's singles) to a PO box in New York.

If your creative skills aren't up to it, you can always wait for the UAR Australian rerelease next year, which apparently will have bonus tracks. (I wonder what those will be; new original material, remixes, live tracks, or multimedia content?)

(Thanks to Leigh for the heads-up)

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Posted by: kstop Tue Sep 16 13:23:58 2003

Say what you like about goths, but at least they just put some mp3s up on their site, as opposed to making their fans jump through hoops. What was the Interweb for again?

Posted by: acb Tue Sep 16 13:29:19 2003

Faugh! Where's your DIY aesthetic? :-)

There are MP3s on the Ninetynine website, btw. Though not of the new EP.

Posted by: acb Tue Sep 16 13:33:19 2003

Though you do have a point about goths and indie people. The average goth is computer-literate, and (not counting teenage angstpuppies), they probably have a higher proportion of domain ownership and tech-industry employment than the general public. (During the dot-com boom, there were quite a few notable consultancies with all-goth staff; Dimension X was probably the best known.)

The average indie person's only contact with a computer, however, seems to be checking their Hotmail every few weeks. (Gross generalisations are fun...)

Posted by: kstop http:// Wed Sep 17 09:39:27 2003

Don't forget the trucker caps.

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 17 12:39:26 2003

Like these, you mean?

(seen at a recent Architecture In Helsinki concert. I should take my camera to a few of those and just photograph the audience.)

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