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Can you help me mister?

Looking at the temporary page on the Ninetynine web site; apparently there is a video for The Process, but it's in streaming Windows Media only. (The XML-like file linked to also says it's copyrighted by Festival Mushroom Records, which sounds a bit odd, given how the band like to own all their own masters, unless News Corp. commissioned the video themselves or something.) Anyway, whuffie to the first person to send me a HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent link to a file of the video. (Preferably in MPEG4 or some good-quality format. Windows Media 9 and below is OK as long as there's no DRM involved; i.e., as long as mplayer on Linux will play it.)

And here are their Australian tour dates:

Fri 19th Sept - Annandale Hotel w/ The Devoted Few + Disaster Plan. - 8:30 Start $8
Sat 20th Sept - Pop Frenzy Presents.. @ The Taxi Club, 40 South Dowling St, Darlinghurst w/ Disaster Plan - 9pm Start
Sun 21st Sept - All Ages Show @ The Club House, Jubilee Park (under land bridge) Glebe w/ Pure Evil. 2pm - Donation
Fri 26th September - Rob Roy Hotel w/ Pink Stainless Tail (CD Launch) + Jihad Against America
Sat 27th September - Rob Roy Hotel w/ Love of Diagrams + Because of Ghosts

And apparently there's vinyl of The Process coming out too. (Which stands to reason, as labelmates Architecture In Helsinki have been doing the vinyl thing too.)

There are 11 comments on "Can you help me mister?":

Posted by: Ben Tue Sep 16 23:31:43 2003

The video is indeed owned by the band; presumably FMR did the WM conversion and have slapped it with an incorrect copyright notice. I'll have to follow up... and the vinyl version is not through Trifekta; it's a different mob entirely.

Posted by: Burgatron Wed Sep 17 00:28:06 2003

gatefold vinyl is comming out on sydney label 'appliancess and cars'. which will have a web site up if i can get of my ass this week.

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 17 02:26:17 2003

They seem to be changing labels a lot; their EP is being released by DBC and not Stickfigure in the US, and in Australia they went from Trifekta to UAR and now are releasing vinyl through a third outfit.

Wonder if it's 180g Czech-pressed vinyl like the Architecture 10" was.

Posted by: Ben Wed Sep 17 03:41:04 2003

In reverse order: it's definitely European; yes, they are. And the CD release is being deleted by FMR, just to add to the confusion... (Mind you, doing the vinyl through a different label is pretty common.)

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 17 04:12:22 2003

Deleted? I wonder whether UAR will rerelease it.

Posted by: Ben Wed Sep 17 06:27:12 2003

I imagine that depends on whether or not there's sufficient demand to exhaust the current supply of ex-FMR stock...

Posted by: Graham Wed Sep 17 08:50:23 2003

Hmm, nothing like having everything under 300Hz mixed to mono. Given that the last decent vinyl plant in Australia (not counting that somewhat shonky Corduroy bloke) was owned by Festival and shut in... '91? '92? Though I was under the impression that most Australian outfits get their vinyl pressed in Japan.

Posted by: acb Wed Sep 17 08:59:18 2003

Who presses vinyl for the local dance/hip-hop scenes? Corduroy, or someone else?

Posted by: Ben Wed Sep 17 10:46:31 2003

Corduroy's pressings are a lot better than they used to be. Starting off a very low base, of course.

Posted by: lisa http:// Fri Sep 19 11:55:53 2003

any word on that us-only release? i saw a blurb about a mini-ep to those dark beloved cloud subscribers. is that the one you were looking for?

Posted by: acb Fri Sep 19 13:08:08 2003

That is the one, unless they've released two new EPs (unlikely).

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