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So Much For The City

Does anybody know whether either the US or UK release of The Thrills' So Much For The City is "Copy Controlled" (i.e., intentionally defective)? The Australian one is (as all EMI releases are here); though the US releases of the last Radiohead and Massive Attack were clean. Unfortunately, online record shops don't tell you.

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Posted by: lisa http:// Wed Sep 17 20:19:20 2003

ooh, thanks for the reminder. i checked today and found out that there is not yet a domestic US release of that album. the store clerk did not believe that they even had a domestic deal. he said i could get the import and that it would be very expensive (and we know that that's counterproductive).

does this mesh with the information that you have regarding this album?

Posted by: lisa http:// Wed Sep 17 20:20:52 2003

<a href="">amazon says all imports...</a>

Posted by: acb Thu Sep 18 04:42:22 2003

I wonder who releases them in Ireland; whether it's infected globally with EMI's Worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls or whether it's an indie release simply licensed by them for other territories.

Posted by: marzenie99 http:// Fri Sep 19 17:24:16 2003

I bought the US version yesterday. I can rip it with my Mac, but it has periodical pops in the background-- kind of like audio artifacting in mp3s, ironically. But yes, it is copy protected and has a bumload of labels on the back to that effect-- which I neglected to read, doh! I am really angry about the copy protection interfering with the audio quality.

I tested it on a PC and it won't play it at all.

Posted by: acb Sat Sep 20 08:58:54 2003

Is it a US-manufactured version, or an European import?

Also, are they signed to EMI in Ireland (where they're from), or just overseas? If the latter, perhaps there's a nice, clear, Red Book-compliant indie release of their album in Ireland.

Posted by: MacDara Sun Sep 21 21:16:48 2003

They're signed to Virgin (under the EMI umbrella) in London. Even though a lot of major labels have offices here in Dublin, all of the releases available in shops here are shipped from the UK, as released by UK-based majors (while the CDs themselves are usually manufactured in continental Europe).

Also, the Thrills are shite. The music scene in Ireland is dead. But that's just my opinion.

Posted by: acb Mon Sep 22 04:44:52 2003

Ah, bummer. Then there are no Red Book releases of their album. Bugger that for a game of soldiers then, I'll do without.

I kind of liked what I heard of the Thrills though; the harmonies and melodies and such.

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