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Only in Queensland

Queensland is a sort of Australian equivalent of Texas or Arkansas or Mississippi or some such place; a state renowned for its rednecks, corrupt police and religious sects too far gone for any other state. And this story brings together the last two elements.

A "devious and perverted" police officer has been gaoled for conning members of a Christian sect into bizarre sexual acts. After telling the group that they would become undercover operatives, he instructed them to cut off their pubic hair and take photographs of themselves naked, saying that such actions were mandatory before becoming police informants. (He also attempted to extort $5000 from a young couple with a false confession of underaged sex, though that may well be standard Queensland police operating procedure). (via Anthony)

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Posted by: dj Fri Oct 10 13:46:36 2003

Yeah, i read that in the paper a couple of days ago and though it would be funny if it wasn't for real.

Posted by: mitch http:// Sun Oct 12 01:39:39 2003

Someone needs to find the brain center responsible for *that*.