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Margerine Eclipse

Details of the next Stereolab album, to be titled "Margerine Eclipse" (I kid you not), and containing tracks with names like "Vonal Declosion [accent on the 'e']", "Cosmic Country Noir" (there's another one of those Stereolab manifestos-in-a-song-title) and "The Man with 100 Cells". I am told this is genuine.

And while we're talking about music, does anybody else think that Belle & Sebastian's Stay Loose sounds like it had been recorded by an Australian/NZ band around 1980 or so? (There's the delayed guitar chords and the organ, to name two things.)

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Posted by: Graham Sat Oct 11 14:20:41 2003

I don't have much trouble believing the titles. :)

For what it's worth, Belle & Sebastian are of course big fans of The Go-Betweens.

Posted by: acb Sat Oct 11 14:36:03 2003

Let's all play Stereolab Bingo.

Anyway, the B&S song doesn't sound like the Go-Betweens; more like Split Enz or someone.

I should probably read the liner notes; I skimmed them and saw something about Felt being the greatest band of the 80s or something.