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Archos Gmini

This sounds interesting: A new MP3 player from Archos, the Gmini, which is claimed to be the smallest 20Gb MP3 player in existence (which means it's probably based on one of those 1.8" sub-notebook hard disks). The interesting part is that it will work with plug-in accessory modules, including a voice recorder, a photo viewer and music composition software (which could be anything from a glorified ringtone composer to a Cubase-like studio package to a loop-based dance-music production toy).

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Posted by: Bob Callahan Fri Oct 24 07:49:56 2003

I recently purchased a PhatBox. It's the greatest thing ever. It's like having a 1000 CD changer in the trunk. I highly recommend it.

Posted by: acb Fri Oct 24 08:10:37 2003

Even to people who don't own cars?

Posted by: mark Fri Oct 24 13:34:06 2003

*Especially* to people who don't own cars...

Posted by: Graham Fri Oct 24 13:57:38 2003

Is that first comment spam?