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Russian (Prison) Idol

The Russian prison system talent competition; the prize: your freedom.
In a twist on the Fame Academy format, six of Russia's prisoners competing in a national song contest for convicts last night pleased the judges enough to win pardons, the Interfax news agency reported.
The organisers hope that the contest will produce some stars and ensure they have a future when they are released. A CD and video of each prisoner's songs will be released and one singer has already had a music job offer.
Some of the contestants sang blatniye pesni , a subculture genre of songs about criminal life, although the lyrics did not include the usual caustic attacks on authority typical of such songs.

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There are 2 comments on "Russian (Prison) Idol":

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Oct 27 12:45:06 2003

So if you're a rapist with a rakish grin and a good singing voice, come on down! o/` o/` If the tune is true, we'll pardon you! o/` o/`

Posted by: acb Mon Oct 27 12:52:43 2003

"What a wonderful feeling, I'm hap-hap-happy again!"

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