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CDs arrived today

First impressions of the 3 CDs which arrived in the mail today:

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Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 28 13:47:41 2003

Err, what's "earlier" wrt Stereolab? Doesn't matter, I'll pick it up anyway.

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 28 14:03:13 2003

About Emperor Tomato Ketchup onwards. It'd probably be most like The First of the Microbe Hunters or thereabouts.

Posted by: Graham Tue Oct 28 14:05:58 2003

Ah right, because that's like "middle" period to me. Buy "Transient Random-Noise Bursts", you fool! :)

Posted by: acb Tue Oct 28 14:34:03 2003

I meant "earlier" in relation to Instant 0. And I've heard their early material (as it is on disc 1 of ABC Music, for one). To be honest I prefer their latter works.

Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 29 07:59:08 2003

Some of their early material. There's only one track from Transient on ABC Music.

Posted by: acb Wed Oct 29 09:19:15 2003

Though there are tracks from Peng! and the like, no?

Posted by: Graham Wed Oct 29 13:26:11 2003

Lessee... Only Peng!33's from Peng!, the first four on disc one are on Switched On, "Laissez Faire" is from that Lo-Fi EP, quite a few from Refried Ectoplasm, and a few, like "Heavy Denim", aren't on any of the readily-available albums, though Duophonic sometimes have the singles they come on in stock.

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