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A very American coup

A former Pentagon officer says that a group of neoconservative ideologues, including the Vice-President, is running a shadow foreign policy, contravening Washington's official line:
"What these people are doing now makes Iran-Contra [a Reagan administration national security scandal] look like amateur hour. . . it's worse than Iran-Contra, worse than what happened in Vietnam," said Karen Kwiatkowski, a former air force lieutenant-colonel. "[President] George Bush isn't in control . . . the country's been hijacked," she said, describing how "key [governmental] areas of neoconservative concern were politically staffed".

Kwiatkowski says that civil-service and military professionals were often bypassed in favour of ideological appointees when making decisions, with Congress being kept in the dark.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Oct 31 06:59:42 2003

I've been in this game too long, I recognize both the journalist and his source... The journalist, Ritt Goldstein, has a peculiar story; see the bio at the end of this article:

Kwiatkowski, meanwhile, had her first burst of fame in midyear, when she started talking about the Pentagon's "Office of Special Plans" and how it went outside the usual channels. She's now a popular "paleoconservative" columnist. And she's apparently a Philip K. Dick fan:

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Oct 31 07:26:08 2003

More on Goldstein:,2763,510051,00.html

There's also the peculiar fact that the Sydney Morning Herald seems to be his main journalistic avenue.

So, the story looks like this: In the mid-1990s a guy in Connecticut leads a campaign for "civilian oversight" of police officers. He claims that police harassed him in various outlandish ways for three years. Then he moved to Sweden and applied for political asylum. This was rejected but he's still there, "living in hiding". Meanwhile he has become a channel for the dissemination of various "dictatorial USA" stories, such as the TIPS scheme, FEMA internment camps, and now Kwiatkowski's shadow government. They get published in the SMH, which gives them the imprimatur of genuine journalism, and then they circulate in the world of activist sites. Let's run through that again: an American "exile", hiding in Sweden and claiming political asylum, g

Posted by: mitch http:// Fri Oct 31 07:28:19 2003

... giving journalistic exclusives to an Australian newspaper, on topics unrelated to his former activities in the USA. Something's not right here. It reminds me of Delmart Vreeland, although a lot less lurid.

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