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United Peace Movements 3 Colours 2

On Friday, I was at Reader's Feast; I looked at a copy of Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings they had on display, and noticed that someone had placed a business-card-sized card inside the front, inscribed thusly:

3 Olympic 2 Duty Call Home Works
and on the other side:
Aust. Christians Democratic Party Federal States & Worldwide

This appears to be the work of the United Peace Movements 3 Colours 2 people, as mentioned on Psychoceramics. It seems that they've now branched out into athletic training and/or home maintenance or something like that, as opposed to their former specialties in international trade and something to do with children and families.

For some reason, I haven't yet called them for information.

Update: A Google search for "united peace movements" "3 colours 2" reveals that they are listed in an online directory of "family planning" services. I suspect that their idea of "family planning" is quite different from most people's.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Wed Nov 5 10:40:04 2003

Ahh, that trumps my find. This morning at North Melbourne station I found a chick tract, 'Allah had no son', , an audio cassette and fake ASIO 'press release' warning about the 'islamic terror' in our midst.

I wonder what would have happened if this was Islamic material fomenting hate against Christians and denying the existence of Christ ...

Posted by: Alex Wed Nov 5 10:45:13 2003

... and I'd also like to see a fundie Christian walk up to a mosque full of 'heathen arabs' and start mouthing off about Moon Gods. God is big ;)

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