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current->uid = 0

Crackers break into Linux source code server, attempt to trojan the Linux kernel, giving root privilege to processes. The attempt was caught, and even had it not been, it wouldn't have matched against Linus' separate copy of the kernel sources.

It makes you wonder who's behind it? A teenager with something to prove? Spackers laying the groundwork for the next generation of distributed spam-hosting/sending/DDOS servers? The Russian Mafiya/Shanghai Triads/Yakuza doing a spot of long-term strategic planning? Al-Qaeda? Maybe even our own intelligence agencies?

There are 2 comments on "current->uid = 0":

Posted by: Paulo http:// Thu Nov 6 09:28:58 2003

What about Microsoft ?

Posted by: acb Thu Nov 6 11:31:14 2003

Lots of Slashdot posters mentioned that, but I thought it was just the usual Slashdot "Microsoft are mean old doody-heads!!1!" sentiment.

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