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And continuing the strange-music theme recently dominating this blog: someone's putting together theme recently dominating this blog: someone's doing an elektro tribute to Iron Maiden. By the look of the page, I'd guess that their definition of "elektro" would be the sort of sternly Teutonic industriogothic EBM that grew out of youths in depressed German industrial cities playing with Amigas a decade or two ago. It could be amusing, or it could be dourly monotonous, or some combination thereof.

There are 3 comments on "Powerslaves":

Posted by: Mr eel Fri Nov 7 23:49:09 2003

Nah, this is electro man. Cats like Imatran Voima lean more to miami bass (or other styles of electro) rather than EBM.

Looks like it'd be a quality comp. Aside from the novelty value, there are some cool cats on it. Imatran Voima, Mr. Velro Fastner, Luke Eargoggle &c.

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 8 01:13:52 2003

That sounds a bit better then.

Posted by: mark Sun Nov 9 12:48:54 2003

Cool cat, looking for a kitty...


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