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Eastern European Virus Mafia

Another resourceful criminal use of the countless thousands of virussed Windows machines on the internet: online protection rackets, where the "businessmen" (predominantly from Eastern Europe) target a high-profile website and threaten to knock them offline with a massive DDOS attack unless they pay up. Online casinos (which make a lot of money and are in poorly-policed areas) are a popular target.

Most of the computers used are broadband-connected home Windows PCs owned by clueless people, of whom there is, sadly, no shortage; and it doesn't look like the problem is going to go away, at least not until a totalitarian "trusted computing" regime is imposed on the internet at the IP level, or something equally drastic happens. Which makes me wonder whether or not Microsoft are deliberately allowing viruses to flourish on their OS as to drive people into the highly profitable embrace of Big Brother.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Sat Nov 15 01:11:50 2003

Loathe as I am to make comparisons with cars and computers -- what will happen if MS do roll out their supAR 53CuR3 system and the weakest link in the chain again becomes the user?

Security systems are getting that tight that car thieves simply wait for the owner to amble up to their vehicle, then jump out and mug them for the keys. No problemo.

If I had to choose between getting broken kneecaps and handing over a password or a smart card am I going to 'take one for the team' just so they can keep selling widgets? No sir.

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