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Kill Bill

I finally got around to seeing Kill Bill part 1 tonight. My thoughts:

All in all, I rather enjoyed it. Not the best film I'd ever seen, but a lot better than the overly long and laboured affair that was Jackie Brown.

(Talking point: Kill Bill is to hipsters what The Crow was to goths. Discuss.)

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Posted by: Graham Tue Nov 18 14:06:14 2003

Indeed. I pretty much enjoyed it too, though it's very much a film geek's film. At least Tarantino is an obsessive film geek, who nevertheless clearly enjoys what he does, and gets most of it right. So, hip, but fun. It'll be interesting to see how Part 2 stacks up.

I must say I winced at the head in the door bit, even though Buck deserved it, and Go-Go Yibari's demise. And the bit where B lopped Sophie's first arm off.

Anyway, it felt more visceral (literally, in the case of Go-Go) than all the CGI porn we've been served up lately.

Posted by: cat http:// Tue Nov 18 14:12:53 2003

the black and white part was apparently actually shot in color and was only black and whited for censorship/certification reasons.

i also suggest you check out some good hk swordplay/martial arts movies before considering the kill bill fight scenes "exquisitely choreographed".. they really aren't very good.

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 18 14:23:46 2003

Care to recommend some notable examples?

Posted by: kenny http:// Tue Nov 18 18:32:10 2003

the sum of the references was less than (or *maybe* equal to :) their sources... meaning, like cat sez, if you want "exquisitely choreographed" stylized violence just watch the originals where QT got his stuff from; the homage doesn't quite transcend the genre.

like when you watch uma thurman try to kick ass you just wish you were watching a bruce lee or jackie chan fight scene (and are reminded how much better they were), the anime sequence left me wondering what mamoru oshii or katsuhiro otomo could have done instead and now i'm wondering if in vol.2 he's gearing up for a hackneyed "tribute" to john woo!

that said, i thought it was okay :D and vol.2 could make it alright... QT i think's failed at raising the action extravaganza bar, but i guess he's succeeded at delivering an enjoyable sample platter.

what makes a QT movie memorable are his underworld characterizations and the "mundane" depictions of violence (hence, shocking) that result from their interaction. in this regard i found kill bill vo

Posted by: kenny http:// Tue Nov 18 18:35:26 2003

l.2 decidedly "untarantinoesque," but yeah the soudtrack was still pretty great tho!

Posted by: kenny http:// Tue Nov 18 20:33:49 2003

hey fwiw just saw this interview with quention tarantion (and brian helgeland) on gulfstream :D

and this interview with RZA (aka bobby digital) in the onion av club!

Posted by: billy http:// Wed Nov 19 16:15:45 2003

what's a hipster?

Posted by: JohnTomato Thu Nov 20 01:52:00 2003

seeing the lucy liu character, bad as death on a hot skewer, standing in the snow and seeing her katana *wobble* for the love of buddha. the humor was done in vein and done well. the basic physical abilities of the principles just didn't cut it.



Posted by: Ben Thu Nov 20 10:33:12 2003

"what's a hipster?"

If you have to ask...

Posted by: acb Fri Nov 21 04:54:14 2003

Billy, a hipster is one of those people from the city who dresses like one of the people from your trailer park because it's fashionable.

Posted by: i love 'em http:// Sun Nov 23 11:16:54 2003

jesus - The's have been ever present in my daytime thoughts ever since seeing Kill Bill - - their music is amazing

Lock 'N Loll Forevellll!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Ben-Gurion Mon Nov 24 14:08:06 2003

I bought a hand-printed shirt for $40 at the market the other day, which I sincerely hope will turn me into a 'hipster'. Have to keep growing this mullet though...

Posted by: acb Mon Nov 24 14:34:56 2003

Ben: and make sure you wear a trucker cap everywhere, and/or idiosyncratic/ironic clothing (petrol-station/fast-food-restaurant employee shirt with someone else's name on the patch, T-shirt advertising something odd like a Canadian scout jamboree 15 years ago or something, &c.) Wear a pair of trendy retro sneakers from Chapel St., but get the rest of your clothing from an op shop. Or something.

Hey, it's Hipster Eye for the Regular Guy. Or something like that.

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