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Star Wars II

Big surprise there; Australia signs up for US missile defence programme, building a system to (theoretically) protect the continental 48 states from Chinese French al-Qaeda missiles, and (in practice) enrich well-connected defense contractors. Funny, I don't remember reading about a parliamentary debate on the subject. No word on whether the deal involves Cabinet members getting private bunkers somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for their trouble.

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Posted by: Alex http:// Fri Dec 5 13:08:07 2003

My two cents is on this being a front operation for a global 'let's shoot down them martian niggers(*)' operation to keep ET out of our skies. There's no real rush to get it to work against ballistic or cruise missiles just yet.

(*) Used under advice, ref. 'Preacher' Comics, uttered by Sherriff Root.

Posted by: Ben http:// Fri Dec 5 14:19:02 2003

Yes, they all want to anal-probe white folks!