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WMDs found in Texas

U.S. uncovers chemical weapon stockpile, in Texas, in the hands of a creepy white-supremacist type. The investigation is ongoing, there may be other co-conspirators across the U.S.; the matter was deemed sufficiently serious to make the President's daily briefing. (via DPH)

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Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Dec 6 22:13:21 2003 He hasn't paid taxes since 1988, they've been watching him since 1995, they think he *earns a living* selling this stuff to "anti-government groups".

Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Dec 6 22:23:26 2003 He was arrested in April, which saw (i) the culmination of the war with Iraq (ii) tenth anniversary of Waco. (The Oklahoma City bombing happened on the second anniversary, in 1995.) Sodium cyanide's fifteen minutes of fame came during the WTC93 trials, when it was alleged by the judge that the bombers wanted to create a cloud of cyanide gas in the aftermath of the explosion. The majority opinion is that this was an incorrect inference (the conspirators had sodium cyanide in a locker, but didn't put it in the bomb recipe).

Posted by: richard Sat Dec 6 23:05:58 2003

Note also that the guy's looking at 10 years jail max, as opposed to the gutmo prisoners who are looking at the death penalty if the Bushies have their way.

Posted by: mark Sat Dec 6 23:51:12 2003

Ahh, Libertarians. Gotta love 'em.

Posted by: Ben Sun Dec 7 09:28:41 2003

For some reason I was thinking that this guy's name would be 'Alex Jones'.