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Pretty girls make graves

Psychologists in Canada have proven that the mere sight of an attractive woman can induce men to act irrationally, impulsively. Candidates of both sexes were shown images of people's faces, ranked in terms of attractiveness (and taken from, and then offered a choice between a small amount of money tomorrow or a larger one at some variable time in the future; men who saw images of highly attractive women were more inclined to go for the smaller reward available the next day (an irrational behaviour, much like those exhibited by drug addicts). Female candidates showed no difference in their behaviour when shown images of attractive or unattractive men.

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Posted by: toby http:// Wed Dec 10 22:45:08 2003

Who would have thought that 'Am I hot or not?' would become a research tool...

Posted by: dima Sat Dec 13 00:43:47 2003

See? They were right in |<0ran - women shouldn't show their faces :-)