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Byron Bay impressions

I spent the past two nights in Byron Bay. My impressions of the place:

As far as local establishments go that I've been to, I rather liked the Twisted Sista Café; on the opposite side of the road, the Cardamom Pod is also good, as a cheapish curry place. (That's not the mango curry place; that's Oh! Delhi.)

All in all, I liked Byron Bay, though I can't help get the feeling that the town was a lot more charming before it became so popular. I suspect that over the next few decades it may turn into another Gold Coast.

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Posted by: gjw Sun Dec 21 00:33:08 2003

Did you make it inland to Nimbin? That place was an education, even for an Adelaide boy...

Posted by: acb Sun Dec 21 07:36:16 2003

No; just had two nights in Byron and then caught a coach to Brisvegas.