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Mayday Hills insane asylum

The Sunday before the most recent one, I visited the abandoned Mayday Hills mental hospital in Beechworth, northern Victoria; the hospital is now part of the local campus of La Trobe University, but many of the buildings are disused and bolted shut; apparently they're on the national trust register and cannot be adapted into modern facilities, or something like that, so they just sit there, slowly crumbling, and giving off the faint but distinctly eldritch aura of buried lives. Here are some photos I took (click thumbnail to see the full picture):

'Kill me but 1st suck me'

(All photos © acb 2003; if you wish to use them, ask me.)

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Posted by: nyx Tue Dec 23 15:10:51 2003

Reminds one of Session 9 (

Posted by: kenny http:// Tue Dec 23 17:40:29 2003

i was about to say the same thing! [ :]

Posted by: Claire Wed Dec 24 08:29:15 2003

I grew up near an abandoned military school that looked a lot like this hospital. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how cool it was until after it was already in the process of being turned into condos and a housing development.

Posted by: Graham Wed Dec 24 14:30:36 2003

Not much chance of that happening here - Beechworth is a seriously Heritage-protected town.

Posted by: Alex Sat Dec 27 03:39:19 2003

acb you should check out Royal Park Psychiatric Hospital before they turn it into environmentally responsible commonwealth games athletes housing^W^W^W^W^W expensive condos. They have wandering security guards but they're there mainly for the 'Save Royal Park' mob. Just say you're there 'to reminisce' and they should leave you alone ;)