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War On Terror commemorative Afghan rug

Seen outside an Afghan rug shop in King St., Newtown, last week:

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Posted by: mitch http:// Sat Dec 27 23:14:59 2003

I wonder if the "N"s show a residual Russian (Cyrillic) influence.

Posted by: James http:// Sun Dec 28 08:00:54 2003

I'd buy it!

Posted by: Alex http:// Mon Dec 29 02:35:48 2003

I wonder how hard it would be to set up a rug-design-via-fax service to the craftsmen who threw this sycophantic number together. I wonder if they sell it through gritted teeth to US troops ... a sale's a sale I suppose. I'd pay good money for the director's cut, complete with anti-personnel mines cunningly disguised as aid packages, and fields of poppies. Right on, man. You know what's missing from this rug? The People.

Posted by: Burgatron Mon Dec 29 23:14:00 2003

ahahha I've eyed that rug for a while now.