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Son, I'm thirty...

Today I turned 30. Which means that I'm now no longer in my 20s, and only through the modern miracle of extended adolescence do I have five more years in the prime lifestyle-product marketing demographic.

Funny, as I don't feel any different than I did when I was 29; the number-rollover shock that usually hits me twice at this time of year (as it does when you're born close to the start of the year) wasn't any more severe than last year; probably because I was aware of my being about to turn 30 for some time.

Either that or it's senility setting in.

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Posted by: frymaster Wed Jan 7 07:53:51 2004

if you can just keep that gen-x lifestyle rolling you'll slide right into the mid-life crisis without even realizing it.

Posted by: Anonymouse http:// Wed Jan 7 13:16:50 2004

Once you turn 35, it really hits. You realize that you are no longer in the prime marketing demographic and everyone in their 20s start to seem so frivilous. Then there's also the digestive problems that set in. :-) Enjoy the next 5 years of youth, because after that, you're an old man.

Posted by: anonymous http:// Wed Jan 7 15:53:45 2004

Happy birthday! Wow, it's so hard to believe that the man whose usenet posts and ancient C code I've collected is now an old fart. I guess I have to stop admiring Lee Smith. Btw, what does KYTP stand for?

Posted by: kenny http:// Wed Jan 7 20:19:04 2004

happy birthday to you! mine was yesterday :D the big two eight :D looking forward to three six, cheers!

Posted by: richard Wed Jan 7 21:35:02 2004

Happy Birthday. I didn't really notice 30 roll past either :)

Posted by: dj Thu Jan 8 00:10:46 2004

happy birthday. i reckon its the people who make a big deal about birthdays that start to feel old when they really shouldn't.

Posted by: CNWB Thu Jan 8 01:40:27 2004

Happy birthday. They say it doesn't hit till 33 these days - or at least that's what my 33 year old friends tell me.

Posted by: emg Follow Me Here Thu Jan 8 02:45:51 2004

Be young, you, but age gracefully, as you already are. Ignore all the comments above purporting to tell you when you'll feel old, and how dire that will be. Happy birthday! (from someone who hasn't seen fifty in a few years...)

Posted by: Ben http:// Thu Jan 8 04:06:39 2004

You'll get over it. I did.

Posted by: steve. http:// Fri Jan 9 01:07:41 2004

you're only as old as you feel.

Posted by: shauny Fri Jan 9 08:34:34 2004

happy birthday ol fella!

Posted by: mark Fri Jan 9 15:28:07 2004

Happy birthday, gramps!

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