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The Axis of Evil

Is US foreign policy strongly influenced by a fundamentalist belief in Satan? (via FmH)
Ellis argues, you can't understand contemporary American politics without understanding the importance of profound spiritual faith, and specifically belief in Absolute Evil. "An experience-centered believer," he says, "is going to think and vote different ways from someone who -- like me, being a Lutheran -- checks the precedents and reads the Bible and thinks for a while before making a decision."
So when our born-again president refers to Osama bin Laden as "the Evil One," he is not dealing in metaphor or analogy, even assuming he is capable of such things. Rather he is addressing his co-religionists in a not-so-secret code. "That makes perfect sense to a born-again believer," Ellis says. "Evil, like God, is One. So you can say, and believe in, an 'Axis of Evil,' because you know that the person who is giving the orders to bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and the leader of Iran and the leader of North Korea is, of course, Satan."

The thought that such atavistic, aggressively anti-intellectual beliefs may be governing the world's largest nuclear arsenal is not a comfortable one.

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Posted by: Fox Thu Jan 22 03:47:26 2004

It's no more reassuring to those of us who live here, either... and, despite our divergent ways of thinking, are still painted with the same dirty brush used for Bush and his ilk. :/

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 22 08:28:00 2004

Out of interest, where's "here" for you? A relatively cosmopolitan part of the US like New York or San Francisco, somewhere in the King James Version heartland like Mississippi or Alabama, or somewhere in between?