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Sundance 2004

It looks like there have been some interesting films at this year's Sundance:
The provocative CSA: The Confederate States of America is an odd hybrid, a sci-fi mockumentary that poses as a BBC (renamed BBS) production from an alternate universe. Film-maker Kevin Willmott takes a simple, daring conceit and pushes it to the max.
The idea? The north lost the civil war, the south won - simple. Framed as television programming, with fictional commercials and newscasts alternating with the BBS history programme, CSA sucker-punches its audiences with poisonous hilarity. Take the shot of the first astronaut on the moon, for instance, planting the Confederate flag. Or the story of Abraham Lincoln trying to escape to Canada with the help of Harriet Tubman, founder of the underground railroad. Besides Willmott's brilliant history lessons, his film's pleasures also derive from the spot-on parodies of documentary form and television marketing. Slave-shopping network, anyone?

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Posted by: billy http:// Fri Jan 23 11:12:55 2004

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Posted by: Ed Fri Jan 23 12:43:06 2004

looks like someone's been reading too much harry turtledove. :D

Posted by: billy http:// Sat Jan 24 19:11:39 2004

i'll read whatever the goddamned hell i want there eddy boy!

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