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Scene from a bar

It's amazing how a few drinks can disinhibit the photo-taking reflex. As proof of that, I have a few dozen "artfully blurry" JPEGs of reflections in beer glasses and Hoegaarden labels. I won't be posting them here, as sobriety usually interferes with the appreciation of the results of such experiments.

Though, from time to time, one does serendipitously take a photo that looks just as impressive to the uninebriated eye. The following photo (© acb) was taken a bit over a week ago, whilst drinking with a friend at a bar in Fitzroy:

There are 2 comments on "Scene from a bar":

Posted by: wrc http:// Sat Jan 24 20:17:03 2004

Good shot. The subject certianly has the cheekbones for the light.

Posted by: acb Sun Jan 25 03:02:54 2004

Ta. I'll tell her that.

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