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After the orbital swish

Graphic Design USA looks at 15 recent trends in logo design; the "Millennium Orbital Crescent Swoosh" or whatever it was called (you know, the dynamic, energetic-looking swish of geometric colour seen so often in the logos of dot-coms with names ending in "nt") is out (though has spawned slinky-like meshes of curvy lines); meanwhile, pleasantly organic-looking droplets, natural spirals, typographical smiley faces and the colour green (the last particularly favoured by evil, toxic multinationals) are in. Also in are logos using translucent colours and logos based on stock photographs (as these can be easily reproduced where needed). (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: gjw Sun Jan 25 21:19:14 2004

The "Corporate Green" is the one I've probably noticed the most, particularly in the case of BP (they changed their logo to the flower about 2 months after some major environmental catastrophe they'd caused). The Monsanto logo is suitably cheezy as well.

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