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Tribute bands of the day

Bizarre musical juxtapositions of today: Li'l Gn'R, the "first ever Guns n' Roses kids tribute band", and Jewdriver, an all-Jewish band playing tribute to neo-Nazi "white power" band Skrewdriver (and apparently fronted by one "Aryan Sharon"). (Unfortunately, though, the Jewdriver site isn't Mozilla-friendly, and all the links are covered up by a gig flyer in an IFRAME.) (via Rocknerd and cnwb, respectively)

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Posted by: Ian Stuartstein Tue Feb 10 12:16:50 2004

Please get your facts straight. Jewdriver is a PARODY band, how you could think that we as Jewish people could pay tribute to a white power band is beyond me, you really ought to get your head checked.

Sorry our site isn't mozilla friendly, maybe someday we will fix that.

Anyways, please don't spread misinformation, we are just a joke band and want to make people laugh but we certainly do NOT condone Nazis or white power.

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 10 15:11:32 2004

I, of course, meant "tribute" with an implicit "backhanded" before it; or so I assumed. It's reassuring to hear that you're not actual white-supremacists.

Posted by: Shmiel http:// Thu Feb 12 06:29:44 2004

Don't be so sure. These Juden are notoriously sly and tricky. Their record labels are the ones pushing the skinhead and black-nationalist bands after all.

Posted by: Graham Thu Feb 12 15:09:55 2004

Sheesh, how did the numbnut street team find their way here? (referring to Shmiel)