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Men In Black

An article about The Cure in The Nation, penned by Douglas Wolk (presumably the one who runs the Dark Beloved Cloud record label/singles club):
His lyrics, on the other hand, are remarkably consistent in tone and diction. Four words are the cardinal points of Smith's compass: "girl," "dream," "mouth" and "never." They appear again and again in his songs, sung with special relish, bent into new shapes every time.

This is the first time I've heard of the quadratic girl/dream/mouth/never theory of Robert Smith's songwriting; the theory I'm familiar with is the cats/drowning theory, which posits a dichotomy between happy Cure songs and sad Cure songs.

Point to ponder: were/are The Cure a goth band, an anorak band or a generic pop band? The goths seem to disown them, though that could just be goth snobbery. Meanwhile, they don't seem to be very anoraky because (a) they're not sufficiently shambolic, (b) they're not Scottish, and (c) they weren't on C86. (Mind you, two of these points apply to The Smiths as well, so there goes that theory.) (via nadinelet on LJ)

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Posted by: CNWB Tue Feb 10 22:55:12 2004

you know that Douglas Wolk has a blog :

Posted by: billy http:// Wed Feb 11 03:08:29 2004

i had an uncle, who was a big cure fan back in the 80's, and he used to follow them around all the time for like, weeks, and robert smith thought it was cool, and must have found my uncle attractive, cause they went backstage and had sex with each other. my uncle said robert smith signed his ticket, and gave him a guitar pick. he sold them on ebay for $60!

Posted by: monica Wed Feb 11 21:26:11 2004

Goth-or-not (dot com?), last night I used my two last quarters to play Love Cats and Inbetween Days at Austin's "punk rock" pizza dive, The Parlor.

I like my pizza with tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts, and the cure. If you object, we could get half cure, and half iron maiden?

goth... generic pop... and everything in between... - monica

Posted by: billy http:// Wed Feb 11 21:49:01 2004

how about instead of pizza, we just get breadsticks and drink cokecola out of the same glass. with 2 straws (one for me and one for you)of course! DDDAAAHahha

Posted by: CNWB Wed Feb 11 22:40:27 2004

I've got to admit, Junior Jack's "Da Hype" (feat. Robert Smith) is really growing on me. It's classic-sounding filter-disco, Smith's voice seems to fit in perfectly.

Posted by: datakid http:// Thu Feb 12 02:44:12 2004

maybe they're an indie band? I would've said goth, but from where I stand disposable heroes were hiphop...

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 12 05:12:37 2004

Wasn't Fiction (The Cure's UK label) a division of Polydor, a major label? That and their deals with Warners everywhere else would suggest that they're technically not indie.

Posted by: Ben http:// Thu Feb 12 06:25:01 2004

They were probably working with one of the Big Studio's 'Indy' labels.

Posted by: acb Thu Feb 12 06:29:33 2004

I recall reading that, a few years ago, the NME Indie chart was topped consistently by the Backstreet Boys, NSync and Britney Spears, who were all signed to the then non-major-owned Jive label.

Posted by: Ben http:// Fri Feb 13 12:57:28 2004

Someone at the 2600 meeting the other day was claiming they saw one of the Backstreet Boys on Oprah and he's now a crack-whore or something.

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