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The world's most misunderstood sexual minority

Mozilla FireFox: the "We're here, we're furry, get used to it" browser? (via David Gerard's LJ)

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Posted by: Ben Tue Feb 17 03:11:28 2004

I'm using Firefox right now. Furry or not, it's a really really good browser (at least so far). Super fast render twins attack!

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 17 03:46:19 2004

For Windows, right?

The problem with the Linux version is that you can't install it centrally owned by root and install plug-ins that are usable by non-root users. Either the browser is owned by your ordinary user account (bad idea) or you have to run it as root (even worse idea), or you make do without plugins working (which is a shame, with things like site-by-site Flash enabling and popup blocking).

Last time I looked at it, it didn't use xft2 font rendering either, but only the rather rudimentary font rendering built into X.

Having said that, it looks like it certainly has potential.

Posted by: Graham Tue Feb 17 07:52:00 2004

Hmm, won't fiddling around with user.js get xft2 going?

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 17 08:51:45 2004

Depends on whether it's compiled in or not.

Posted by: Ben Tue Feb 17 09:04:18 2004

Yeah, for Windows. Some of the plugins are super-nifty looking, although exactly why you want card games built into the browser is a bit of a puzzle to me... The main advantage, though, is that it's fast to load and fast to render. And tabbed browsing.