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The ongoing death of irony

According to ads in the most recent Beat/InPress, there's a new John Butler Trio (for those not in the know, that's a sort of "funky roots/blues/folk" delivered by a studmuffin with dreadlocks and appealing primarily to a younger female audience; think an unusually well-scrubbed white "feral" version of Lenny Kravitz or something) album out; and, for a limited time only, it comes with.. a trucker cap. This is proof that trucker caps have lost whatever element of irony they once had and have become just a mindless piece of fashion.

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Posted by: chip http:// Mon Mar 1 12:41:10 2004

Fashion is mindless, case in point, trucker caps were popularized by Ashton Kutcher. Irony needs to die, hasn't already though? Hopefully, cynicism and whiny sarcasm as thinly veiled, tiresome complaint are next.

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 1 13:09:33 2004

Ashton Kutcher didn't invent the wearing of trucker caps; they initially were a reaction to upmarket fashion and conspicuous consumption, by adopting a cheap, conspicuously downmarket and unstylish item. Then the hipsters got into them, and then the trendies adopted them because they were "cool". Now that the pop-culture industry can package them with entirely unironic products, the trucker cap's original context has been lost to all but historians and pop-cultural theorists.

And as for "irony needs to die", what would you have replace it? Leave It To Beaver-esque earnestness? Acceptance of everything at face value? Irony is an essential defense mechanism in today's world, and calls for its abolition should not be trusted.

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 1 13:54:55 2004

Why should irony die just because people don't understand it?

Posted by: Graham Mon Mar 1 13:59:45 2004

But anyway, the real irony is that John Butler is regurgitating the Aztecs and Daddy Cool and getting all these saps enthused about it.

Meanwhile, the new Australian Corrs Show album has, for a limited time, a hour-long DVD on "the making of" it. Even if you are a fan of George, who the hell has time for that crap?

Posted by: acb Mon Mar 1 14:32:45 2004

I suppose that part of the George mythos is that the creation of each album is a holistic, transcendental, spiritual process or some shite like that.

Posted by: Ben Mon Mar 1 21:40:32 2004

George = worst band in Australia. They're a key player in the "conservatorioum downfall of rock" thesis I really should actually write down one day.

Posted by: CNWB Mon Mar 1 23:58:16 2004

John Butler sounds like any number of first-year Media Studies students I've encountered - bangin' on about how Hollywood and TV are bad for you, yet openly claiming to enjoy <i>The Secret Life Of Us</i>.