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The Christian porn industry

Now that a Christian snuff film is dominating the multiplexes, here is a timely look at the Christian porn industry, which releases films with titles like "Debbie Does Sodom", "Mr. and Mrs. Christ", and "The Last Schtupper". The films vary from moralising sin-and-redemption sagas, which dwell rather lasciviously on the sin, to explorations of "the Son of God's lust for life", and shameless Jesus-themed porn with token moralising endings tacked onto it.
Reverend Flenky, a self-described witnessing evangelist, sees himself as a practicing Christian. I'm spreading the Good Word, he claims. The Word of God. There is redemption for all sinners. The fact that we depict the sins adds to the flavor of the message. In the same way that the anti-abortionist forces display photographs of aborted fetuses, we show the actual carnal acts of the offending sinners. Why not? We display the redemptions, too.
The debauchery goes on for nearly an hour, as Felipe Marlowe, the prodigiously endowed actor who portrays Jesus, copulates with Mary [Magdalene], played by Anita Storm, in dozens of convoluted positions straight out of the Kama Sutra. The films denouement comes three minutes before its end, as Jesus hears the voice of Jehovah commanding Him to fulfill His destiny, then leaves sexuality behind as He goes to Golgotha. The final scene features Jesus on the cross, a weeping Mary Magdalene at its base. Was it good for you, baby? she asks in a quavering voice, tears running down her cheeks. The earth moved, Jesus answers, a smile on His bearded, bloody face.
And what message would that be? That there is an animal, primitive aspect to our Christian faith that needs to be recognized, perhaps emphasized, in order to more fully appreciate the state of grace that is possible when we give ourselves over to the will of God, asserts Monesto.

I wonder who actually buys this stuff. Hipsters with apartments full of ironically-acquired Mexican religious statuettes and the like? Black-clad satanists/nihilists who are into all things sacrilegious? Actual Christian hypocrites who convince themselves that they're taking a hard line against the sins of the flesh by sitting through the token "redemption" parts of the films? Or is there some memetic cross between Californian touchy-feely hot-tub spirituality and born-again Christianity with whose adherents these films strike a chord?

There are 8 comments on "The Christian porn industry":

Posted by: Owen Thu Mar 4 19:33:38 2004

This smells of spoof.

Posted by: toby http:// Fri Mar 5 01:28:42 2004

Snuff film? Oh my God! They killed James Caviezel!

(Sorry. Don't think it's actually a snuff film if nobody dies for real.)

Oh, and Owen, was that *really* necessary?

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 5 02:04:35 2004

I thought it could be a spoof; then again, I'm sure there'd be some kind of market for that kind of thing (if only from the sacrilegious-freak demographic), and surely some pornographer somewhere would have thought to tap into it, so those films could well exist.

Posted by: gjw Fri Mar 5 05:29:53 2004

Plenty of nun-porn out there. Just sayin'.

Posted by: Graham Fri Mar 5 08:03:47 2004

It's all about the Catholics.

Posted by: - - Thu Mar 11 13:06:48 2004

What the!?

Posted by: Owen Tue Mar 16 21:20:09 2004

To atone for my previous missing the point, here's a story about a p0rn director working with the Church:

Posted by: speed Wed Mar 17 03:29:16 2004

Strange yet for some people maybe erotic. lol

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